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装运要求(Shipping Instruction)

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装运要求(Shipping Instruction)


下边是SAP Help对装运要求的定义及说明。

Shipping Instructions  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Purchasing can specify packaging and shipping instructions in the order item. If compliance with shipping instructions is to be used as one of the criteria for vendor evaluation, it is necessary to check during goods receipt whether the vendor has complied with these instructions or not.

If the order item contains shipping instructions, a box will be displayed automatically during goods receipt where you can confirm compliance with the shipping instructions.

You can manually display this window by selecting Goto ® More functions ® Shipping instr.… from the item’s detail screen.

该选项在ME21N中的位置 (详细信息的Delivery标签页)


IMG->Materials Management->Purchasing->Material Master->Define Shipping Instructions




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