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需求:使用S.Loc的地址作为采购相关凭证(PO, Outline agreement)的Delivery Address
解决:OX09 维护相关S.Loc地址
SAP默认设置中S.Loc地址的优先级高于Plant address,如果有维护S.Loc address的话,系统会默认采用S.Loc address作为订单上的送货地址。
OX09维护S.Loc address

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Storage Area 100: An exception to this convention is the interim storage area 100, which is used to connect Warehouse Management to Production Control via the WW-PP interface.
Even if there is no need to divide the area any further within the storage type, you must create at least one storage section for each storage type.

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SPRO->Logistics Execution->Mobile Data Entry->RF Queue Management

1, Define Queues
2, Assign Areas and Activities to Queues

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ME9L: Sched. Agreements print output
ME9E: Scheduling agreement schedule lines print output
ME9F: Pruchase Order print output
ME9K: Contract print output