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Storage Area 100: An exception to this convention is the interim storage area 100, which is used to connect Warehouse Management to Production Control via the WW-PP interface.

Even if there is no need to divide the area any further within the storage type, you must create at least one storage section for each storage type.

The picking area is on the same hierarchical level as the storage section and can be used to subdivide the area of a storage type to control the stock removal process.

Unlike the storage section, the picking area is an optional organizational unit.

Storage bins are master data and are created within a storage section.

Storage bins are always created within a storage section.

Storage bins can also be assigned to a storage bin type. Storage bin types are optional categories that you define freely in Customizing for Warehouse Management in order to roughly specify the dimensions of your storage bins.

Storage bin types are particularly useful if storage bins of a particular storage type or storage section within a storage type have different dimensions.

if you want to block a large number of storage bins, you can use a special transaction, Block/Unblock Several Storage Bins Simultaneously (transaction code LS06).

LS10:Automatically creating storage bin structure

Value-based Inventory Management is at valuation area level

If storage unit management has been activated in a storage type, the storage unit number has a quant-splitting role.


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