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MSC3N Batch Display
CT04 Create Characteristic
CL02 Class Creation (Batch Class and Selection Class)
CU71 Sort Class
CL20N Assign Class to Material
MBC1 create Strategy type records(strategy type was defined in Customizing)

Create Batch Condition Record

For Inventory management – MBC1 – Create, MBC2 – Change, MBC3 – Display
For production Order /Process order – COB1 – Create, COB2 – Change, COB3 – Display
For Sales and Distribution – VCH1 – Create, VCH2 – Change, VCH3 – Display
For Warehouse Management – LS51 – Create, LS52 – Change, LS53 – Display

在做收货时如果要系统自动弹出Batch Characteristic的对话框,需要做如下设置 (MIGO收货貌似无法弹出)

1,创建Characteristic并分配给Batch Class

2,分配Batch Class给Material

3,设置移动类型(OMJJ)Batch Characteris的赋值为前台


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