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SAP Tips(2011.12.13)

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1. System can default PR price to PO. Please do the following steps.

  1). System setting. Click System –> User profile –> Own Data. 
       Click Parameters tab.  
       Key in EFB and hit Enter.   
       Then Save.

  2). To Customize Personal setting in PR so that the PR net price will be populated to PO whenever a PO is created. 
       A). Run tcode ME51N.   
            Click Personal Setting. 
       B). Click Default Values tab.   
            Click more fields button. 
       C). Highlight Purchase Order Price on the right box and click left single arrow. 
       D). Click copy at bottom screen. 
       E). At default values tab the PO price field, pull down the list and click 2 As net price.   
            Click save at bottom screen.   
            You are done.  

2. Stop defaulting last PO price to new PO

    Go to SPRO –> MM –> Purchasing —> Environment Data

    Define Defalut Values from Byer

    Here in Price Adoption.Tab……Do not Copy


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